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New York, NY
Posted 2 years ago


Lombardstreet Ventures is a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley that accelerates, invests, and works with startups, entrepreneurs and corporations to advance the future of software.

Job Description

Responsible for overseeing all user experience and design aspects of the software we develop. Works with the executive and the development team to create a cohesive experience throughout our products in order to increase user satisfaction. Responsible for guiding the entirety of the design process through its completion by presenting them to stakeholders and working along developers to ensure accurate implementation. Responsible of the UI/UX design solution for startups that we offer.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying user behaviors through contextual research, interviews, focus groups, and facilitation;
  • Collecting and analyzing large data sets for patterns;
  • Creating and executing usability tests;
  • Establishing the structure of a website or application by designing content layouts and navigation;
  • Designing user flows and human computer interactions;
  • Developing and iterating through low fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes;
  • Designing and recommending visual styles and standards;
  • Conduct user research and market research, evaluate findings, and report insights to team members;
  • Facilitate design sprint/UX strategy workshops with large teams to create a cohesive understanding and vision for the direction of product design;
  • Create testing plans and strategy, facilitate user testing, evaluate results, and share insights with team members;
  • Provide full-stack UX services on brand new features/re-designs as well as provide UX consultation services for smaller-scale needs;
  • Evaluate analytics, user data, user feedback, industry trends, etc. to recommends ways to improve products;
  • Utilize user centered design and UX best practices during design process;
  • Determine ways to introduce innovative ideas for our products and processes, while still delivering within scope and adhering to defined timelines.
  • Practice Lean UX in an agile setting by iterating quickly and delivery the right amount of information and detail to team members to both deliver a great experience but also balance workloads;
  • Participate in Scrum ceremonies, foster continual communication with developers and provide speedy feedback to ensure the delivery phase runs smoothly.

Skills and Experiences

  • Preferred Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or at least 10 years of experience in UX/UI design
  • At least 3 years of experience designing web-based or software products and applications, using a user-centered design approach
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS Experience conducting usability evaluations, using methods such as formal and informal usability testing, low-fidelity prototype testing, heuristic evaluations, etc.
  • Strong understanding of product development cycle.
  • Ability to translate user requirements into detailed design documents, including user journeys, prototypes, etc.
  • Ability to design creative solutions within certain constraints -product engineering, schedules, and costs.
  • Experience working with multidisciplinary teams. –Engineering, product, training, quality assurance, customer service, and marketing teams.

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