General Partners

Luigi Bajetti

General Partner & Founder

Luigi learned how a company can become global working in his 3rd generation family company, Lucchini Group, a primary player in the steel market, and everything, since he was young, was about entrepreneurship. Following his passion, he decided to turn to a serial entrepreneur with now over 20 years of experience owning and operating tech companies. He created a primary ISP company in Italy and then a private photo sharing online service in the Bay Area. In 2013 he sold the ISP company and started investing in Silicon Valley startups.

Massimo Sgrelli

General Partner & Founder

Massimo has been in the tech business for more than 25 years. In 2001 he created his first tech company and grew it to $100M business in ten years. Massimo has been an angel investor in Silicon Valley since 2010 and, in his career, advised thousands of startups. He co-founded Sysdig Inc., a Linux containers visibility tool and a fast-growing high-tech company in San Francisco. He is an expert in moving companies to Silicon Valley and early-stage software startups with distributed teams. He actively works to decode Silicon Valley for non-US ecosystems.

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